Building anticipation, drawing audiences to the film’s thrill factor, and fostering a genuine community among fans


Partnering with Lionsgate on Antebellum, Digital Media Management (DMM) was able to quickly and effectively pivot from a theatrical campaign to a PVOD (Premium Video On Demand) campaign and rolled with all the punches that came along with it. Our social media campaign aimed to build anticipation, draw audiences to the film’s thrill factor, and foster a genuine community among fans.



Our social media campaign focused on three key strategies: creating a mysterious voice and tone, amplifying Black voices through leveraging our cast and crew, and elevating press reviews that shined a light on the film’s key messages.

Cryptic and Unique Tone and Voice Strategy

The early objectives of this campaign were to build anticipation and play up the mysterious plot in a distinctive way. We identified in the movie that butterflies symbolize rebirth so we leaned into the butterfly symbol throughout the campaign in our community management, and played up the mystery of whether a character or element from the story was being reborn.

Amplifying Black Excellence

Antebellum highlights important and timely themes and messages about racism in America. Because this film was released at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, we used the film’s social pages to support the movement. Filmmakers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz took over the social pages to educate our followers about social justice. We also created a Twitter thread highlighting Janelle Monáe’s involvement in seeking out African American designers to work on costumes and design.

Utilizing Reviews

To continue to shine a light on the film’s themes and messages, we highlighted positive and insightful critic reviews and articles. On Instagram, we saved these articles as a highlight so they were easily accessible and would live on even after the campaign was over.


By using a mysterious tone and voice, amplifying Black excellence and featuring notable press, we were able to excite fans for Antebellum and achieve a compelling and authentic social campaign. Our social media campaign organically generated over 6.5M impressions and 985K engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.