Amazon Freevee Bosch: Legacy Influencer Campaign

Get fans excited about Bosch: Legacy and the season finale release on Amazon Freevee.


Amazon Freevee partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) on an influencer campaign to support the season finale of Bosch: Legacy and promote the influencer-led, consumer-facing scavenger hunt activation around Los Angeles.



DMM leveraged its proprietary platform Creator Lab to enlist 9 low to top-tier influencers (130K – 2.9M followers), who are fans of true crime dramas, murder mysteries, and action-packed in-person activations, to participate in the Bosch: Legacy scavenger hunt activation and promote the consumer-facing experience and season finale through stories and timeline content on Instagram and TikTok.


The 9 paid influencers, with a combined social reach of 9.4M+ followers, posted 42 pieces of paid content resulting in 561.2K+ impressions, 37.4K+ engagements, and a 6.7% engagement rate. An additional 27 pieces of added-value content generated 63.4K impressions and 1.8K engagements, bringing the combined campaign totals to 69 pieces of content, 624.6K+ impressions, and 39.2K+engagements

Carlo Malis (@carlomalis)

Y’all ever watch a show that had you like this? Cause I’m out here fulfilling my #BoschLegacy. You’ll be hooked after you watch @BoschAmazon on @AmazonFreevee #ad

Kimberly J. Brown (@officialkjb)

I got to play amateur detective when @Amazon Freevee invited me to play in their #Bosch style scavenger hunt event celebrating the #BoschLegacy season finale May 27th! #ad

Brandon Calvillo (@bjcalvillo)

@amazonfreevee invited me to join in a scavenger hunt to solve a mystery! Watch the season finale of #BoschLegacy NOW on Amazon Freevee or stream for free on Fire TV, Roku, any anywhere Prime Video is available! @boschamazon #ad




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