All Rise – Season 3

Ushering in a new audience for All Rise’s third season, now on OWN, with a nonstop, drama-filled social campaign.


All Rise, court is now in session! With the hit TV show premiering its third season on a new network, DMM partnered with OWN to create a social media campaign that left original viewers asking for more and new viewers wondering why they hadn’t been involved from the start!



In the case of creating buzz for the Season 3 premiere of All Rise, consider us guilty as charged. With our strong, strategic roll-out plan of highlighting fan-favorite characters and crafting powerful copy, we met our social goals of generating buzz and solidifying OWN as the new home to our Risers. We emphasized the TV show’s move to OWN across all creatives, tapping into a broader audience and driving them to our new home. The pre-premiere phase of All Rise consisted of countdowns, previews, cast BTS, and a thank you message to our Risers to share our appreciation for their support. 

To continue the online chatter and highlight all the reasons All Rise is a must-watch, our post-premiere creative featured the most talked about moments and character story arcs. We focused on trends that would resonate with our fanbase and created our own All Rise-themed memes that were well received by fans. In addition to hopping on trends and memes, we recreated some of the most stylish and fashionable character outfits. Our weekly live tweets established an especially strong relationship with our audience, as we were able to engage in conversation about their reactions and feelings on new storylines in real-time.


Our three-month social media campaign helped All Rise generate 1.5M views, 237.9K engagements, and 7.2M impressions across all platforms. Additionally, All Rise’s season premiere trended at #9 on Twitter. Let the evidence show that Season 3 of All Rise was a hot topic of social conversation among its Risers, both old and new.