Capturing the nostalgia of the Addams Family for Netflix’s reimagined series, Wednesday, animating her world through AR Filters.


DMM partnered with Netflix to create a series of engaging Instagram and Tiktok AR filters to build audience anticipation for the release of “Wednesday,” one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year.



Leaning into the dark and edgy (yet sometimes playful) tones from the show, we created 3 unique filters for fans to interact with on release week.

We took inspiration from Wednesday’s morbid tone and her love for writing using her typewriter to create the “Diss-Affirmations” roulette-style filter, inviting fans to channel their inner Wednesday mood with playful jests. We worked with the Wednesday writers to craft witty one-liners that showcased Wednesday’s humor and quick thinking.

Wednesday’s Diss-Affirmations

Uncle Fester has been a beloved member of the Addams Family, and with Fred Armisen playing the role, we were delighted to build a filter exclusively for TikTok to surprise and delight fans with one of their favorite movie uncles.

Uncle Fester

Mirroring Thing’s playful nature, we rigged various 3D models, animating Thing to carefully fit within platform capabilities while preserving all of the details of the hand. On TikTok, we reanimated Thing to react to various hand gestures, and on Instagram, we tied the animation triggers to fun facial expressions so that fans can interact with Thing through their phone. 


Wednesday achieved a record-breaking viewership with over 341 million viewing hours in a week worldwide for an English-language series. DMM successfully snapped twice to bring back the Addams’ Family legacy and Tim Burton’s reimagining of Wednesday to life, with a rising number of 30K+ total videos of fans using the filters – proving that AR filters are the key to immersing audiences in their favorite fandoms.