Westworld — Season 4

Bringing fans of HBO’s sci-fi series back online with engaging community management, captivating creatives, and talent services support.


HBO Max partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) for a social media marketing campaign for Westworld Season 4 that would engage directly with fans of the acclaimed TV series while driving streaming viewership to HBO Max. DMM’s platform team took charge of daily management of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, while DMM’s talent services team facilitated distribution of social content to key Westworld talent.



DMM was tasked with growing the Westworld social media accounts and activating the fandom as the series entered its fourth season, the first that would simultaneously be available for streaming on HBO Max. 

DMM’s social media campaign aimed to enter the Westworld fandom with a community management strategy that engaged with fans across accounts on a daily basis, highlighting their passion for the series while being particularly sensitive to spoilers. DMM implemented a social voice in-line with Westworld’s elevated tone, with post copy inspired by its acclaimed writing and community management that responded to fan excitement with lines from the series and GIFs of beloved characters. Furthermore, DMM sought to highlight the captivating sci-fi aesthetic of the TV show in creatives that put fan favorite characters and moments in the spotlight. This focus on the immersive world of the series kept fans excited episode after episode, generating conversation and speculation on what would happen next.

To further promote interest in Westworld Season 4, DMM’s talent services team produced social content toolkits on a weekly basis for each new episode’s release that were distributed to key series talent.


Throughout the season, Westworld earned praise from fans, with socials highlighting the TV show’s biggest moments and driving anticipation for what would come next, week after week. DMM’s social media campaign earned 1.7M Engagements, 19.8M Impressions, and 3.5M video views across Westworld’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, with 26.7K followers gained over the course of the season and 109 posts from series talent.