Love Island USA – Season 4

Alongside Love Island USA, DMM helped highlight the juiciest moments and 'can't miss' drama to bring the steamiest happenings to life on social.


For the fourth season of Love Island USA, DMM was excited to partner with Peacock to up the stakes and launch Love Island USA on its new streaming home. The iconic show is a juicy, steamy, and real-time dating competition featuring a group of sexy singles, called Islanders, living in isolation under constant surveillance. DMM was tasked with ideating and producing a robust social campaign that steamed up the timeline for old and new fans and inspired fun chats amongst viewers.



One of DMM’s main objectives was welcoming Love Island to Peacock. Working in collaboration with the @LoveIslandUSA handle and fan communities, DMM would help drive existing audiences to Peacock and focus on emphasizing the steaminess and cheeky tone that diehard fans know and love across social. To accomplish this, DMM focused on driving immediacy and tune-in daily among audiences by teasing juicy details, OMG moments, and can’t-miss drama, creating FOMO among non-viewers.

Another main objective of this campaign was to drive conversation through interactive activations across social and highlight the most dramatic, must-see moments from episode to episode. DMM helped Peacock tap into our already comedic social voice to dial up the irreverence and tongue-in-cheek tone to hone in on the drama and salacious moments through memes, clips, graphics, and other creative assets. 


DMM’s Love Island USA content assisted in LIUSA becoming Peacock’s #1 largest and buzziest Social campaign to date in regards to volume across all KPIs (impressions, engagements, views, conversations, posts, etc.). LIUSA content on TikTok was a prominent driver and made up 72% of Season 4 views and 82% of engagements, on top of fans tuning into a Casa Amor LIVE with Sarah Hyland, which was simultaneously streamed on the Peacock TikTok. The Peacock GIPHY channel managed by DMM received over 397M views as well. 

DMM’s strategic partnerships as a part of the campaign were highly successful focusing on Timmy and Zeta content, one of LIUSA’s most popular couples, during the finale. Peacock fans also resonated with the Shrek-2 carousel published on IG for the campaign’s 2nd highest engagement. Talent and influencers were also strong components of the campaign and added 605 posts, 3.7M engagements, and 16M video views for Love Island USA on Peacock.