Upload – Season 1

Immersing viewers in the futuristic new world of Greg Daniels’ “Upload” via a unique in-world social voice and relatable meme-centric social strategy.


Amazon Prime Video partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) on a timely social-first launch campaign for Greg Daniels’ new series “Upload” that turned the sci-fi comedy into a streaming success and hit across socials.



Amazon Prime Video partnered with DMM to build a social-first launch strategy for “Upload” that brought the experience and humor of the show’s futuristic premise to consumers across the world. Our social creatives highlighted the incredibly likable albeit relatively unknown cast, heightened the show’s central mystery and social commentary, and cleverly linked “Upload” to topical 2020 trending moments. We employed an always-on approach to community management to further extend the series’ unique brand of humor through regular interactions with talent and in-world memes that resonated with audiences who are simultaneously experiencing an increasingly digital life.


Our social campaign kicked off with one of Amazon Prime Video’s buzziest trailer launches ever — 24M combined followers on Twitter watched the trailer video. Our in-world social creatives and reactionary community management fueled momentum during the three-day launch weekend window, leading to the series ranking in the Top 10 for social conversation amongst all TV/streaming series. The official “Upload” Twitter account earned 2.9M impressions in the 30 days following launch while garnering consistent praise from fans for its relatable in-world approach to community management. Meanwhile, the personal social handles for the series’ secondary cast members saw their followings increase by a combined 124% and 44% on Instagram and Twitter during the three-month marketing window.


combined Twitter trailer views

impressions on Upload Twitter in 30 days post-launch