Top Gun: Maverick

Serving as Paramount’s wingman to bring the #1 movie of 2022 into people’s homes for the Top Gun: Maverick home entertainment social media campaign.


It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot! Digital Media Management partnered with Paramount Pictures to maintain the hype of the biggest movie of the year, Top Gun: Maverick, as it flew into the home entertainment window. It’s been over 36 years since the original film debuted, and because the love for the franchise hasn’t stopped, we wanted to highlight that from start to finish in our campaign.



To promote Top Gun: Maverick coming to digital while also reminding people that the film was still playing in theaters, we grabbed fans’ attention by leveraging their nostalgia of the original film and love for the sequel with engaging copy, tailored community management, and fan-favorite moments.

Flying with the Trends

Across all platforms, we enjoyed a very active fanbase that was hungry for more Top Gun: Maverick. To lean into that, we kept our ear to the ground to hop on trend opportunities like Twitter Blue and Mentally I’m Still Here. When Miles Teller hosted Saturday Night Live, we were ready with a fun post that tapped into the ever-popular Adam Levine trend, which also ended up in a sketch during his episode.

From 1986 to 2022

Every Halloween, Top Gun-inspired costumes can be seen across all ages and demographics, and this year was no exception. To help fans create their own version of the costumes seen in the film, we created Halloween guides to bring their Top Gun: Maverick dreams to life. As we drew closer to the film’s physical release, we were tasked with creating assets that promoted the 2 Disc Box Collection. By leveraging nostalgia and highlighting fan-favorite scenes from both films, we created assets that delighted fans, both new and old.

Goose 🤝 Rooster


Over the home entertainment run, we helped the Top Gun accounts generate 40+ million impressions and 1+ million engagements across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By leveraging nostalgia and building hype with trending moments and creatives, combined with witty and engaging community management, we ensured that Top Gun: Maverick stayed in the center of conversation through its home entertainment stretch!