Welcoming fans aboard the action-packed and self-aware social media campaign for Lionsgate’s movie, Plane.


Digital Media Management kicked off the year in style by creating a social media campaign for the first action movie of 2023, Plane! Our goal was for the campaign to showcase the film’s electrifying action, grand spectacle, and buddy-dynamics, while having our direct, confident voice inject just enough dry wit to guide fans through an epic battle for survival.



Preparing for Takeoff 

From the moment the trailer was released in theaters, the online chatter took off with people joking about the title’s straightforwardness while still being excited to watch the movie. This allowed us to lean into the conversation and meet fans where they were with plane puns and tongue-in-cheek jabs at the title, as well as thrilling and irreverent creatives, keeping fans invested in the movie and pumped to experience it for themselves.

Reaching Max Altitude

To engage Gerard Butler’s fanbase and position Mike Colter as an action star, we placed emphasis on their fans and core action moviegoers by showcasing badass and heroic lead performances. The Platform and Talent teams at DMM worked together to script videos showcasing the chemistry between our leads and highlighting their personalities. This fan-first strategy encouraged engagement and kept the Plane conversations flying high. 


Clearing the Landing 

Plane flew across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by collectively garnering over 141M+ impressions & 108K+ post engagements, and we reached older audiences on Facebook by tapping into Gerard Butler’s active fanbase. With a plane full of action-loving passengers, we successfully kicked off the film’s launch, keeping critics and fans hooked on the in-flight entertainment instead of sleeping through the flight.