Giving audiences a look into the trendy and elite business of wine while mixing it up with the ever present family drama with OWN’s The Kings of Napa.


Let’s sip to the drama! OWN partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to introduce The Kings of Napa as a nighttime soap opera centered around family drama, betrayal, secrets, and most importantly wine.



DMM was tasked with building a creative, social media marketing campaign that was captivating and authentic to the world of wine. With The Kings of Napa being a TV show that heavily relied on character development and intense, juicy drama, newcomers Ebonee Noel, Rance Nix, Yaani King and Ashlee Brian joined forces with veterans Karen LeBlanc, Heather Simms, Devika Parikh, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. to bring the new series to life with their onscreen chemistry. The social media marketing campaign featured unique creatives that highlighted niche aspects of the TV show such as custom weekly wine tasting menus, the modern and chic fashion Reels that captured the cliff-hanging drama and more. After premiere week, the social media team strategized the release of serialized content that featured more of August, Bridgette, and Aunt Yvette due to the fans’ gravitation towards these strong women, their family dynamic, and the inescapable drama.


Throughout the social media marketing campaign, DMM was able to build a strong social media strategy, produce eye-catching creative, and write relatable copy that led to an active, engaged, and devoted fanbase. Understanding the TV show’s tone, storyline and audience allowed the team to develop creative concepts that were engaging to talent and fans alike, especially through weekly opportunities to Live Tweet each episode. Sharp commentary, relatable characters, and insatiable drama allowed The Kings of Napa to develop an authentic voice as well as a loyal audience, and ultimately resulted in a total of 49.3M impressions, and 9.6M views, across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.