Law & Order Season 21 Influencer Campaign

Dun Dun! DMM kicked off the return of Law & Order for Season 21 by partnering with one of TikTok’s major entertainment influencers, cementing the show’s legendary status into today’s Internet landscape.


NBC partnered with Digital Media Management on a bespoke influencer campaign to bring a trend-first approach to promoted content, allowing the custom video to break through and reach new audiences.

Law & Order Rave


To bolster the highly anticipated Season 21 premiere, we tapped digital creator, Caitlin Reilly for her pitch perfect, and hilarious characterizations on TikTok. Together we developed the “Woman Auditioning for Guest Role on Law & Order” concept and she flawlessly brought it to life.


Paired with the iconic theme song in the background, this video ended up being a huge success on both TikTok and Reels, with fans commenting how funny it was and how they didn’t even realize it was an ad until they read the caption. To amplify the impressions and views even further, we shared the video to the Law & Order Instagram page and engaged from all relevant TikTok and Instagram handles, including NBC and Peacock.

#ad You won’t object to this: Law & Order season 21 Thursdays on @NBC and streaming next day on @Peacock TV . #ad


Caitlin Reilly’s video generated a total of over 1MM views and engagements on TikTok and Reels across Law & Order and Caitlin’s handles. On Instagram specifically, Caitlin’s Reel had an engagement rate of 9.39%, which is over a third higher than the industry benchmarks for engagement.