The French Dispatch

Crafting Searchlight’s first film campaign to hit over 100K Instagram followers by fully immersing fans into Wes Anderson’s world of The French Dispatch


DMM partnered with Searchlight Pictures to create a whimsical (and, of course, symmetrical) social media campaign for Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch. Using a community-first approach, with the added bonus of Wes’ creative team at our fingertips, we introduced an established and excited fan base to the wonderful world of Ennui.


Our main focus was to immerse fans in the intricately-crafted world of The French Dispatch. We mirrored the voice Wes eloquently crafted by leaning heavily on verbatims from the script for our post copy and community management responses. Additionally, we inserted ourselves into trending social conversations by finding opportunities to authentically interact with talent, especially Timothée Chalamet.

Aiding in our community-focused approach was the use of GIFs and Giphy Stickers. We brought the film’s hand-drawn illustrations to the digital world with Giphy stickers, which accumulated almost 250,000 views over the course of the campaign. 

To maintain an in-world aesthetic and give fans a unique look inside the film, we coordinated and executed a stylized corkboard collage Instagram grid filled with easter eggs. With the creatives supplied to us, we successfully organized and built a posting plan spanning 3 weeks and incorporating over 50 pieces of content.


We were able to craft a fan-focused social media campaign that encompassed the wonderful world of Ennui, resulting in over 5M impressions; solidifying The French Dispatch as one of the most anticipated films of the fall – all while having a stellar record-breaking opening weekend!