Station Eleven

Bringing HBO Max’s Station Eleven’s beautiful new future built in uncertain times to the social sphere.


What role does the past play when society as we know it falls? This is the question Station Eleven, HBO Max’s critically acclaimed mini-series, poses. HBO Max teamed up with Digital Media Management (DMM) to create a holistic social media marketing campaign that set to highlight the beauty and connectivity featured in the show, while steering conversation away from topical pandemic plot points in order to preserve Station Eleven’s message in the social space.



In order to position Station Eleven as a potential cult classic and beloved humanistic tale while spotlighting the show’s unique perspective, DMM created a social media campaign that strived to be elevated, stylistic, and reflective of HBO’s notorious brand of providing premium content. The show focused on the importance of art, culture, and humanity, and DMM highlighted this through aesthetically-minded creatives that wove together plots and illustrated character journeys. DMM also cultivated a deep, mysterious, yet caring community management strategy that did not downplay the series’ events, but provoked productive conversation and celebrated culture, unique relationships, poetry, and Shakespeare – an integral presence throughout the series. 

DMM also set to amplify the reach of the cast, who weren’t as active on social media before the campaign, and highlight their lauded performances on both the show’s channels and their own. In addition, DMM brought a wide array of influencers into the fold to promote both the TV show and the novel that inspired it. The team executed two unique campaigns, a Cultural Analysis YouTube activation to position the series as an elevated piece of artwork with an emphasis on culture, and a Bookfluencer activation to promote the newly skinned hardcopy of the novel on TikTok and Instagram.


Station Eleven quickly became the streaming platform’s #1 most watched original drama, and drew in audiences through rich storytelling and noteworthy acting. By highlighting these elements, the accounts garnered over 2 million impressions across platforms and over 755K total video views during the course of the campaign. DMM’s influencer partners created 40 original pieces of connect that amassed over 4 million impressions. DMM’s talent team grew the cast and crew’s social presence by over 117K followers and executed a successful Twitter Spaces Q&A with the Station Eleven’s creator and executive producers on the HBO Max brand account.