Second Act


Digital Media Management worked in partnership with STX to create a social media campaign for the theatrical release of the romantic comedy, Second Act. Throughout this campaign, we strategically leveraged talent fan bases and created content that focused on the relatability of the film to appeal to audiences of all ages.


Our primary objective with the Second Act social media campaign was to draw audiences to the film by focusing heavily on talent and highlighting the heart, humor, and relatability of the film. By focusing our social content on the all-star cast, we aimed to bring fans of Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, and Milo Ventimiglia into the world of Second Act.

The social media campaign for Second Act brought the film’s themes of second chances and limitlessness to the forefront, as well as highlighted its heart, humor, and star power. With the cornerstones of the campaign centering around Jennifer Lopez’s return to romantic comedy and the message of following your dreams, our social content invited fans to be inspired, driven, and confident just in time for the holidays and the new year. With these themes in mind, we tailored our social creatives to emphasize the relatability of the film, while leveraging fan-favorite moments from the film that also surrounded the holiday season.

Make your Second Act Limitless

This key inspirational message of the film carried our social campaign from ideation through execution, embedded in everything from our content streams to our tone of voice. Highlighting Maya’s road to success and the supportive people around her gave us a unique narrative to create captivating and relatable content for our audience. Through our fashion illustration videos, Limitless single lyric videos, and inspiring quote videos, we set out to remind our audience that with a little confidence, anything is possible.

A Second Act For Everyone

Throughout the film’s social campaign, we created dynamic character videos, stylized memes, and holiday assets that highlighted our star-filled cast and brought their relatable characters to the forefront. In addition, we designed talent-exclusive assets, including countdowns for the cast to exclusively post on their own socials to excite their fans for the film’s release.

When developing the social content series for Second Act, we aimed our focus on the lighthearted and relatable moments that would capture audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Capitalizing on these key themes helped emphasize the film’s story, while encouraging our fans to feel empowered and unstoppable when it comes to chasing their dreams. These layers of relatability and use of star-power throughout the campaign drove audiences to consistently stay engaged and embrace the message that a Second Act is possible for anyone.


Our goal with Second Act was to build a community around embracing and celebrating second chances, while leveraging creatives focused on talent and inspiring, yet relatable moments. With over 77M impressions across all socials, fans across the world truly fell in love with the return of Jennifer Lopez and were determined to make this film one of the must-see events of the holiday season.