Stoking nostalgia and introducing a fresh take for the beloved Scooby Doo franchise, DMM pivoted from a theatrical release to a successful digital launch.


In partnering with Warner Bros on SCOOB!, Digital Media Management (DMM) was able to quickly and effectively pivot from a theatrical campaign to a PVOD (Premium Video On Demand) campaign without missing a beat. Our goal was to excite the franchise’s substantial existing fanbase, while also introducing a new demographic to Scooby Doo and the Mystery Gang. We achieved this by seamlessly blending nostalgia with fresh, fun elements from this reimagining of the beloved hero’s origin story.



Our primary objective was to reintroduce the beloved characters to the world, while emphasizing that SCOOB! was an exciting new take on a Hanna Barbera classic. Through playful creatives and upbeat, engaging social media copy, we set a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek tone that was as accessible to newcomers as it was to existing fans. We emphasized familiar elements of the universe, such as the Scooby gang, while introducing characters who had not been in the spotlight for some time, such as Dick Dastardly, Blue Falcon, and Dynomutt.

Our approach was to craft a mixture of sleek promotional assets and engaging interactive content. The former included dynamic quote videos and timely, playful creatives tied to calendar events. The latter included Instagram Story quizzes, polls and fun facts – as well as memes and trending topics most suited to an audience on Twitter.

To ensure SCOOB! fits in with a modern and ever-changing social landscape, we hopped on trending Twitter conversations, which helped develop and establish the film’s witty and playful brand voice. The trends we engaged with always stayed true to the authenticity of our title by keeping a touch of the Scooby & Shaggy humor that everyone loves. DMM also helped establish a presence for the film on Tik Tok by assisting in the curation of platform-friendly copy and ideas.

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We opted for vibrant video creatives, many of which focused on the family-friendly humor of the film. This approach spoke to the exciting, comedic nature of SCOOB! and helped establish its zany tone.

As current events necessitated a pivot away from a theatrical window to a digital release, DMM helped present a clear, friendly message. We were excited to help lay the groundwork for this emerging distribution strategy and consequently, fans were able to prepare for release, while still remaining excited and engaged.


By seamlessly pivoting from theatrical to digital release, and by establishing a nostalgic yet modern tone, DMM successfully helped ensure that Scooby Doo fans of all ages were entertained, engaged and informed.Β