Peacock’s Poker Face Influencer Campaign

Peacock joined forces with DMM to construct and execute a multifaceted influencer campaign to promote its latest original series, Poker Face


Peacock partnered with Digital Media Management on an influencer campaign to drive awareness and tune-in to the premiere of Poker Face on the platform.



To promote the premiere of Poker Face as well as its Los Angeles premiere, we partnered with influencers on two separate activations. For The Poker Face BS Hotline, we contracted with 4 Influencers to create IG Reels and TikTok content to drive awareness toward the series becoming available on Peacock.

Reece Feldman was the premiere’s red carpet host and was able to gather footage with all major talent, creating engaging TikTok videos of the Los Angeles premiere.


The campaign yielded 10 pieces of content, 1.3M impressions, and 66K engagements between 5 creators.


Reece Feldman (guywithamoviecamera)

“If her voice wasn’t enough of a reason to watch, #NatashaLyonne herself explains why #PokerFace rocks🕵🔍 @peacock

Nicholas Flannery (nicholas_flannery)

“Charlie Cale gave me everything I needed on the BS hotline, there’s advice for any problem! Call or text now and stream #PokerFacePeacock only on @Peacock #PeacockPartner”

Billy & Chet (billyandchet)

“Stream Poker Face on @peacock for good TV and check out the BS Hotline or there will be penal consequences  #CallCharlieCale #PeacockPartner”