Only Murders In The Building

Highlighting the star-studded cast, the social media campaign for Only Murders in the Building transcended generations and bridged the gap between fans of the legendary Steve Martin and Martin Short, and the enigmatic Selena Gomez.


Hulu partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) on a talent-first social media marketing campaign for Only Murders in the Building, a streaming tentpole comedy series starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez.



DMM conceptualized a unique in-world social media voice & tone for the marketing campaign based on a fictional character who lives in the building portrayed in the show and is experiencing the storylines on the show in real-time. This unique persona (nicknamed “Barb”) embodied the mystery and humor of the series and helped guide the viewers through the twists and turns of each episode. “Barb” remained anonymous throughout the campaign and with the help of our community management, became an instant favorite, with many fans communicating with her as if she were an actual neighbor at The Arconia. DMM participated in live coverage and real-time community management week after week, engaging with fans, influencers, and talent alike. “Barb” continued to amplify fans of the series by hosting makeshift Q&As on Twitter and Instagram Stories, sharing their theories, reactions, and fan art throughout the campaign. Barb was constantly finding ways to inject her witty, sarcastic New York attitude in any and every conversation on social. 


Only Murders in the Building became a hit among critics, celebrities, and consumers, making it the most-watched comedy series ever on Hulu. Through the course of the campaign, we built a passionate fanbase and garnered over 258,000 followers across socials.