Ocean’s 8


DMM partnered with Warner Bros. on the theatrical social media campaign for the newest continuation of the Ocean's trilogy, Ocean's 8. Our social content aimed to show off the continued storyline and the new Ocean's crew in a sleek and refreshing fashion that gave fans the level of nostalgia to the previous trilogy that they wanted while also including dynamic elements and animation styles that brought the Ocean's franchise into a new era.



The social media campaign was executed with a few different strategies working together to highlight the main campaign themes. The strategies that we put into place for this campaign consisted of introducing the new characters in a personalized way, utilizing the all-star talent socials effectively, applying dynamic creative elements in order to separate this film from the rest of the franchise, and creating an overall cohesive look and feel where the goal was to produce media-worthy content every time.

Introducing the Characters
Although Ocean’s 8 was connected to the early 2000s franchise through the character of Debbie Ocean, it did feature 8 brand new characters (including Debbie) that the world had never seen before. We were tasked with introducing these characters in a way that brought the franchise into 2018 but also didn’t separate itself from the style/feel of the old films.

To do this, we decided to personalize each character introduction in a way that highlighted the characters’ skillset, something that was an important element in the old films and was a way that we could incorporate a new look with an older theme.

Talent Participation
Talent was a huge, if not the biggest, asset that we had to work with on this campaign. The all-star cast was eager to support the film, so we were able to leverage that by partnering with the talent and their teams and creating assets for them to debut exclusively on their own social pages to be shared to the Ocean’s pages.

With the talent being so A-list, we noticed that fans were more inclined to watch/engage with our content if they saw that talent had posted it first. We realized this quickly and made sure that we were in contact with the talent team here at DMM as well as through WB in order to plan for talent exclusivity on any talent-focused pieces as much as we could. We were successful in getting all of the talent that were on socials to post DMM-made creatives at least once during the campaign including Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Anne Hathaway, and Awkwafina.

Rihanna was a big pull for our campaign, specifically. Her Instagram following is so large that the 2 times that she posted an asset that we created, our Instagram spiked an average of 30-50K followers in one day.

Dynamic Creative Elements & Cohesion
Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s franchise has always had a distinct look & feel, so we were challenged to craft the look for what the Ocean’s franchise would look like in this era, keeping in mind that every piece that we made should be high-brow enough to put media dollars behind it. With that in mind, we worked closely with our creative team to develop a signature look that populated almost every single video asset, bringing in a feeling of cohesion to the campaign while also incorporating elements like music cues and quick cutting to pay homage to the old franchise.

This signature look made Ocean’s 8 content easily distinguishable and strikingly recognizable within the first 3 seconds, capturing fans’ attention and giving our social campaign a high-brow edge that set the bar for all social marketing at Warner Bros.


At the end of the social campaign, we generated over 385M impressions30M reach, and 5M+ total engagements across all platforms. Overall, we were able to combine several strategies that pulled the campaign together from it’s moving parts and gave it a cohesive look and feel that spoke to the many themes that were present throughout.

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