Now You See Me 2

Creating a visually compelling social campaign that highlighted the magic and beauty of the much-anticipated sequel of the 2013 blockbuster


DMM partnered with Lionsgate Movies to create a visually compelling social media campaign that would highlight the magic and beauty of Now You See Me 2, the much-anticipated sequel of the 2013 blockbuster, Now You See Me.



Our objective was to remind existing fans why they fell in love with the first film while increasing the buzz surrounding the dazzling sequel. Our goal was the captivate fans with highly engaging social media content while explicitly not revealing any of the film’s magical secrets.

To build hype amongst both the passionate and existing fan base, as well as newer fans around the globe, our designers perfected the blend of light and mindbending creatives, including optical illusions. Some of our more popular pieces were Instagram videos that played around with the platform’s wide space and tricked users into thinking they were seeing more than what meets the eye.

Talent was also a key and active part of this campaign, from the main cast to director Jon M. Chu to magic consultant and famed mentalist Keith Barry. Leveraging the cast, we brainstormed and captured unique footage during the film’s press day to be later used in platform-specific initiatives, including 6-second Vine videos, Boomerang/Instagram GIFs and a large scale social video featuring Dave Franco and his real-life magical talents.


Early on, Now You See Me 2 led its competitors in the digital landscape, topping the social footprint of other buzz-worthy films such as Warcraft and The Conjuring 2. The film opened on June 10, 2016 to healthy numbers and great fan word of mouth.