Nightmare Alley

Immersing audiences in Guillermo del Toro’s dark side of the American dream with the talent-focused social campaign for Nightmare Alley


DMM partnered with Searchlight Pictures to create an artistry-focused social media campaign for Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley. Armed with an A-List cast, a beloved filmmaker, and craftspeople working at the top of their game, we were able to bring fans into the exciting (and nightmarish!) world of Nightmare Alley.



Our main focus on this campaign was to draw in fans and moviegoers through Nightmare Alley’s all-star cast, as well as immerse fans in the beautifully dark world created by Guillermo del Toro and his collaborators. We heavily amplified reactions from fans and critics, and we created a library of GIFs to enhance our daily 1:1 interactions with fans, which have garnered over 175K views to date.

To spotlight Nightmare Alley’s talented cast, we focused our social media creative on video content that gave viewers an intriguing glimpse into each character, as well as the filmmaking process itself. By crafting in-world copy to pair with social creatives, we maintained a vigorous posting schedule spanning both the film’s theatrical release window and awards campaign.


Heading into the 2022 awards season, our social media campaign for Nightmare Alley resulted in over 8.2M impressions and growing! Through a blend of talent and filmmaker-focused content, we were able to successfully capture and immerse movie audiences of all kinds into the impressive world of Guillermo del Toro.