Lionsgate Brand 2020

Creating an “Unhinged” social strategy with a fun, inclusive fan-focused approach for the studio’s brand channels.


Digital Media Management (DMM) partnered with Lionsgate to create a completely “Unhinged” social strategy for the studio’s brand channels that included a successful fan-focused approach fully native to internet culture! Our goal for the “Unhinged” approach was to be relevant and “seen” by our fans and social media users on a daily basis. By exploring new ways to humanize our social communication experience on Lionsgate’s brand pages, we successfully cultivated a safe space for like-minded fans, highlighting inclusivity and fun, while always adapting to the ever-changing needs of our audiences. While establishing our “I” persona as the social media manager and the #1 fan of everything Lionsgate, we met our audience with the same heart, passion, and energy for their fan-favorite films and other related fanbases. We leaned in heavily to this new approach on Twitter, while also testing new creatives and tone of voice on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit for the full, immersive experience.


Original Content

Armed with a catalog of beloved Lionsgate films, nothing was off-limits when sharing hilarious, absurd, or “unhinged” content in 2020. By focusing on organic content to celebrate film anniversaries, holidays, the art of filmmaking, and more, we were able to experiment with various content streams, see what performed best on each platform, and tailor our strategy to better suit what our audiences wanted to see in their feeds.


Our posting cadence increased thanks to our diverse range of weekly evergreen content and our ability to participate in timely trending and zeitgeist topics, with the BTS x Lionsgate Universe thread being our top-performing tweets of all time. We worked closely with our internal Lionsgate Catalog team to share fun and relatable memes, while engaging across posts to ensure that the Lionsgate social media manager always led the charge and conversation.

Community Management

By taking on a more humanized persona, we used a bold yet conversational perspective to encourage hot takes, comedic conversations, and highlighted everything Lionsgate fans love about their favorite films. We replied directly to positive fan sentiment across all social platforms on a daily basis, engaging with existing and new fans, while also finding other relevant opportunities on verified brand accounts to further our reach across the social landscape.

in honor of spooky szn, pick your top 4 faves, no more no less, and let’s make a horror movie. good luck!


The Lionsgate social presence as a result saw a massive increase in impressions, engagements, and followers across all platforms after adopting our “Unhinged” strategy and community management approach. In the second half of 2020, we saw a 152% increase in impressions over the previous 6 months across all platforms. Additionally, we proudly celebrated the 2M followers milestone on Facebook and 1M followers milestone on Twitter, with Instagram poised to hit the 1M followers mark soon. A brand going a little “Unhinged” on socials never looked so good.