DMM partnered with film production company Lionsgate Studios on the the out-of-this-world sci-fi theatrical social media campaign for KIN, the feature-length adaptation of the short Bag Man. Leveraging the devoted fans of the producers and young filmmakers in the industry, we focused on high-level thematic pieces that highlighted the special effects and futuristic look of the movie, enticed sci-fi fans with the mystery of the weapon, and intrigued the gaming community with the power from another world. All of these key points assisted us in creating a dynamic marketing campaign that captured industry audiences’ attention.



Honoring that the filmmakers were graphic designers themselves, from the beginning of the campaign the look and feel of the creatives played a key part of our social media strategy. We focused our strategy on engaging industry insiders with the dynamic visuals of our story-telling, eye-catching thematic pieces that focused on the special effects in our creatives, activated them through sweeps and contests, and elevated our social presence through highlights and Twitter moments. We were able to achieve our overall goals of targeting fans of sci-fi, action and drama, and created an in-world experience for fans and that generate buzz for the film by utilizing the following content streams:

Unlock the Power

Unlock the power was a content bucket that highlighted the exciting visuals to kickoff the campaign, establishing the cannon as a mysterious power from another world.

Find Your KIN

The second phase of our campaign took a deep dive into the family dynamics between the brothers, as well as establish the film’s central conflict.

What’s At Stake

During the third phase of the campaign we focused on promoting the high caliber and eye catching sci-fi elements that take center stage in the final theme with the main objective of keeping buzz high into release. As we continued with the story-telling elements and entered week of release, we also focused on utilizing key art that we received from the studio by adding in special animation, font and elements that would engage the fans of VFX.

To encapsulate all of these content buckets we focused on creating eye-catching thematic pieces that highlighted all of the special effects, and high-level details that made this film stand out. We wanted fans to be excited about what was to come and with our creatives our goal was to elevate a relatively unknown film into a must-see Summer blockbuster.


Overall, our KIN social media marketing campaign took fans on a sci-fi filled adventure that raised awareness about the film and enticed fans to go to the theaters to solve the mystery of why Eli was so special. We combined several marketing strategies to entice viewers of the genre by creating buzz around the film through suspenseful moments and sweepstakes to eventize their trip to the theater. The social campaign generated over 1 Billion impressions on Twitter, 10.2 million impressions on Facebook and 640K on Instagram.