Huluween Influencer Campaign

Celebrating Huluween and all of the platform's holiday movies with original influencer content starring “Uluh” the ghost!


Hulu partnered with DMM on an influencer campaign to drive awareness and tune in to Huluween.



DMM leveraged 3 influencers to promote Huluween. We leaned into storytellers and entertainment enthusiasts on TikTok to share the story of “Uluh” the ghost, through the creation of 3 sequential original videos each. For additional reach and engagement, 2 of the 3 creators shared their videos to their Instagram Reels as added value.



The three influencers, with 5.9M combined TikTok followers, posted a collective of 9 videos resulting in 896K+ organic views (impressions*) and 76K+ engagements, yielding an engagement rate of 8.5%. Five added-value shares to IG Reels generated an additional 1.7M+ views, 42K+ engagements, and a 2.4% ER. In total, we delivered 118K+ engagements, exceeding the campaign goal of 100K by 18%.

Danny Tumia (@dannytumia)

IM BEING HAUNTED BY ULUH 😳😱 #huluween @hulu #hulupartner #scary

Jason Cline (@ jason_cline)

Got her 🤡 😂 #scare #scareprank #huluween #hulupartner @hulu

Brandi Marie King (@lovebrandimarie)

Sorry I worried you @hulu is just fine 😉 #huluween #hulupartner