S4 of The Kardashians on Hulu

A sleek, polished social creative and community management campaign that embraced humor and heart for an all-new season of The Kardashians.


DMM partnered with Hulu for a refreshed, elevated social media campaign to remind fans why they love their favorite family and drive tune in for Season 4 of The Kardashians.



For Season 4 of The Kardashians, we showcased a sophisticated yet engaging side of the show to reignite fans. Our eye-catching, editorial creatives were designed with elegance in mind and substance at heart. By going beyond the headlines, we put the family dynamics and businesses in the spotlight, while tying in the signature Kardashian humor that fans know and love.

From highlighting our girls’ iconic one-liners through carousel quotes cards to more sophisticated edits about each sister’s role in the family, personality shined through the creative strategy. Our “Life Lately” series took the ever-trending photo dump format and elevated it to dynamic edits of the sisters’ season-long storylines. We couldn’t leave humor on the cutting room floor and created relatable memes to promote shareability and infuse lighthearted entertainment. 

In community management, we gave the audience a place to fangirl over their faves without inherently appearing as superfans ourselves. We were part of the family vs. part of the fandom, but still shared in their excitement, engaging with viewers across platforms in real-time when new episodes dropped. We amplified this dynamic by launching an Instagram broadcast channel to share exclusive content with our biggest fans, giving them a peek into the world of the Kardashians. Social listening also enabled us to get ahead of trends and identify soon-to-be iconic moments from the season, which resulted in viral sounds on TikTok. 


DMM produced over 40 custom assets and in community management, we saw more than 55M impressions across platforms and 4.3 million engagements, a 56% increase from Season 3. Our Instagram also hit 2 million followers during the campaign.