3 BODY PROBLEM | Season 1 Social Campaign

The 3 Body Problem cannot be solved. It must be experienced through our robust and sophisticated social media campaign.


Netflix partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) for a social media marketing campaign to promote the series based on the beloved book series, The Three-Body Problem. DMM set out to capture the series' target audiences - ranging from sci-fi superfans to mystery seekers across the universe — by immersing them in the thrill, wonder, and terror of humanity on the brink. We introduced fans to the new series through an ever-knowing tone of voice that evolved alongside the series and with bespoke creatives highlighted the visually stunning moments in the series.



DMM’s platform, strategy, and creative teams worked closely alongside Netflix to highlight all the series’ nuances and twists by utilizing custom creatives and an established, ever-evolving voice to immerse followers in the visually stunning worlds of the series, making them question reality.

We set out to build intrigue to a fanbase consisting of sci-fi and mystery fans, as well as enticing fans of The Three-Body Problem book series who were initially hesitant to give the series a chance. We strategically introduced the characters extensively in the pre-premiere window so viewers knew this was an ensemble TV show that had taken some creative liberties from the book. Social listening on Reddit and other platforms was key in evaluating how existing fans reacted to the new characters.

Our custom creatives showed fans that everything was connected. Hidden messages in our creatives quickly trained our followers to look closely as there was always more to discover. Our audience heavily favored creatives that provided deeper insight into the characters and the world(s) of 3 Body Problem

We developed a unique voice and tone to lean heavily into the show’s mystery and to build intrigue as we led up to the premiere, and we continued to evolve it as the campaign progressed. Our community management strategy revolved around solving the mystery right alongside fans. Keeping our social tone of voice semi in-world helped us to build a rapport with our followers and allowed them to experience the characters’ journey on the show on our social pages. 


By the end of our campaign window, the 3 Body Problem social channels generated 593K engagements, 14M+ impressions, and 13M+ total video views. We built the channels from the ground up and created a community of over 36K followers. Our world-building, social listening strategy, stunning creatives, and ever-evolving voice contributed overall to show awareness, helping make 3 Body Problem the #1 most streamed show on Netflix multiple weeks in a row.