How I Met Your Father

Activating new audiences and pre-existing fans of How I Met Your Mother to garner excitement and drive awareness for Hulu’s stand-alone spinoff, How I Met Your Father.


DMM and Hulu partnered to build a community of fans who’d fall in love with How I Met Your Father’s ensemble cast and a new take on a beloved franchise.


DMM sought to build a social community that resonated with old and new fans alike, ensuring How I Met Your Father could stand on its own while still honoring the roots of the original series. Our social voice reflected the close bond between the friends on the show, utilizing first-person narrative to create the perspective of an imaginary “seventh friend” in the group, who’d make audiences feel as though they were part of the inner circle. Our inclusive approach encouraged fans to participate in conversation drivers, such as Twitter polls and in-platform executions like Instagram Story quizzes and polls.

In addition to managing day-to-day community management, DMM also provided video and creative services. We worked closely with Hulu and talent to produce a TikTok Live watch party and Q&A with star Hilary Duff (Sophie) and social influencer Tefi, which garnered more than 230,000 views and 2,000 new followers on Hulu’s TikTok channel. We also edited and produced a video supercut featuring the cast reading fan tweets to celebrate the Season 2 announcement.

Over the course of the campaign, we generated more than 150M impressions on Twitter, reached 55 million people on Facebook, and reached more than 31M Instagram accounts. The series’ social following grew by more than 169% by the show’s finale episode (200k+ followers across platforms).





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