Crossing Swords – Season 2

Fostering a social community and creating content to reflect the unhinged and unapologetic nature of Hulu’s adult animated comedy series, Crossing Swords.


Hulu partnered with DMM on a social-first creative and community management campaign for Season 2 of Crossing Swords that perfectly captured the incredibly unique, irreverent tone of the popular adult animated series.


DMM kicked off the Season 2 campaign with a hand-illustrated Instagram grid of Crossing Swords kingdom that featured multiple hidden assets, such as a recap video and date reveal. After confirming a coveted NYCC panel, Hulu’s adult animated series, “Crossing Swords,” needed an exclusive date announcement creative that wowed audiences in the room, and across socials. Naturally, there was only one solution: Hack one of the show’s own irreverent scenes and let it do the dirty work for us. Our 4th wall-breaking creative seamlessly integrated show clips with hilarious custom dubbed over audio. The final product had loyal squires everywhere eagerly counting down to Season 2.

Throughout the campaign, DMM consistently leveraged the show’s wicked humor to produce assets that not only highlighted episodic moments, but also drove engagement through highly-interactive pieces of content. We provided fans with custom graphics to discover their knight names, what kingdoms they came from, and even which Crossing Swords character they were most like based on their zodiac sign. 

The Crossing Swords Facebook and Instagram reach increased by 431% and 18%, respectively. Facebook likes also increased by more than 60%, while total visits to our Facebook page and Instagram profile increased by 346% and 479%.