His Dark Materials | Season 3 Social Campaign

Crafting a social campaign to take fans on a journey to new worlds one last time with Lyra and Will in the final season of the beloved HBO fantasy series, His Dark Materials.


HBO partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to create a social media marketing campaign for His Dark Materials’ third and final season to rally fans to join the ultimate battle in the great war between good and evil. As the divide between worlds blurred, we aimed to balance the darkness of war and the human hope that drives the TV series’ characters forward through our social platform and creative content strategy.



Our platform and creative teams developed a social media campaign that eventized the last chapter of the beloved TV show, based on the book series His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, to hype up fans for the closing season and offer them closure as the story ends. To build anticipation and feed into fans’ appetites, we strategically shared a variety of custom creative and visually striking imagery to keep their eyes on our account, eventizing each episode drop. 

Our bespoke creative assets continued the elevated look and feel from previous seasons’ campaigns, while reflecting the new season’s dark and mature tone. These creatives allowed us to continue the story and characters’ journeys on our social channels between episodes. Fans reliably responded to and engaged with our social media strategy that focused on nostalgia, offered talent-exclusive creatives, and honored how far fan-favorite characters have come since the beginning of their story.  

Custom creatives and a matured, but still playful, voice and tone that echoed the characters’ own growth helped us achieve our goals to drive streaming on HBO Max, while providing fans an opportunity to say goodbye to the beloved TV show.


The final season of His Dark Materials was hailed by both book and show fans as the perfect adaptation and ending. By campaign’s end we increased our total social following by nearly 17% and created content that accumulated a total of 11.1M views and 1.1M total engagements. Just as Lyra and Will’s adventure closed, our journey into new worlds has come to a fulfilling end.