FOX TV Animal Control Influencer Campaign

Comedians and exotics animals produced original skits to promote Fox’s Animal Control


Digital Media Management (DMM) partnered with FOX on an influencer campaign to drive awareness to its new comedy series, Animal Control.



DMM enlisted 16 creators (122k – 5.3M), majority of which being macro, to promote the show through the When Animals React and POV: Working at Animal Control concepts. When Animals React showed exotic animals reacting to the Animal Control trailer while the POV concept involved creators making comedic skits pretending to work at a local animal control center. Each creator produced 1 video executing their given concept for TikTok as well as IG Reel cross-posts.


The 16 influencers, with a combined social reach of 44M+ followers, posted 29 pieces of contracted and added value content resulting in 3.4M+ organic impressions, 327K engagements and a very impressive 9% engagement rate. The combined paid and organic posts totaled 11M+ impressions and 358K+ engagements, resulting in a very efficient $18CPM!

In addition to managing the paid creator activations, DMM identified 38 creators to attend the Animal Control screening and red carpet event to help promote the series through unpaid posts. 17 influencers posted a total of 75 pieces of earned content.

Tucker Reynolds  (@Tuckercomedy)

Kim Kim picked up a shift at Animal Control! Not to be confused with the hilarious new show #AnimalControlFOX premiering 2/16 on @FOXTV, next day Hulu. @ComedyClubFox #ad

Derrick Downey Jr (@Derrickdowneyjr)

Richard needs to move over, I’m trying to watch #animalcontrolfox. Watch the premiere February 16 on @FOXTV, next day Hulu. @comedyclubfox #ad

Cheeto & Piper (@titotheraccoon)

We’ll be watching Animal Control to get tips on how to control Piper’s bad habits (rip our couch😅). Tune in to #AnimalControlFOX February 16 on @foxtv, stream next day Hulu! @comedyclubfox #ad




Organic Engagement Rate