Haute Dog

Introducing audiences to the wonderful and niche world of extreme dog grooming with the HBO Max original series, Haute Dog.


These dogs are haute! HBO Max partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to introduce Haute Dog as a family-friendly competition show featuring hilarious judges, precious pooches, and the obscure world of dog grooming to animal lovers everywhere.



DMM was tasked with building a captivating creative campaign for HBO Max and Max Pop platforms, in addition to the creation of talent toolkits for the host and judges to introduce the series to dog lovers and competition series fans alike. With diverse individual fanbases, our host and judges Jess Rona, Matt Rogers, and Robin Thede already had large existing audiences that fell in line with Haute Dog’s fun, catchy, and lighthearted tone. The campaign featured custom creatives that highlighted various aspects of the show including the 70s aesthetic, snarky humor, the history of dog grooming, the crazy transfurmations and more. After premiere week, we strategized the release of social serialized content that featured more of what fans were loving – the haute dogs and the fun, snarky tone.


Throughout the launch, DMM was able to develop content that led to an engaged and enthusiastic audience. Understanding the show, the tone, the talent, and the audience sentiment helped us shape creative concepts that were sharable and appealing to talent and fans alike. By the end of the campaign, Haute Dog had developed a strong audience and voice through comedic flair, a relatable host and judges, and loveable star-studded talent.