Animals on the Loose: A You vs Wild Movie

Introducing Bear Grylls' newest interactive Netflix film, Animals on the Loose: A You vs Wild Movie, to a global audience.


Mission accomplished! Netflix partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to introduce Animals on the Loose: A You vs Wild Movie to existing Bear Grylls fans and Netflix viewers, encourage co-viewing through family-friendly social activations and highlight the unique and interactive storytelling format of the film.



DMM was tasked to expand upon the success of the You vs. Wild franchise by leveraging Bear Grylls and Netflix’s global audience, exploring new and innovative ways to promote Animals on the Loose outside of traditional formats.

To kick off the launch, DMM sent Bear Grylls a hyper-realistic cake inspired by the film to initiate Netflix’s public Twitter apology for putting Bear in constant danger. Additionally, we created an interactive “Now Streaming” asset that encouraged viewers to help Bear complete missions on their mobile device. From tilting to shaking your phone, fans got a taste of the wild adventure they would experience in Animals on the Loose.

Post-launch, we expanded our campaign’s reach through custom social activations. By partnering with the popular gaming influencer, Tofuu, we created an Animals on the Loose-inspired Roblox game that encouraged players to build a sturdy raft to make it across a river and ultimately reach an escaped baboon named Thimba. To tap into the student and family audience, we additionally reached out to a 4th-grade teacher to surprise her virtual classroom with an appearance by Bear Grylls after they watched Animals on the Loose. The students were beyond ecstatic to see their hero, generating positive and wholesome social sentiment. To further drive home the wild interactive adventure, we created an Animals on the Loose-inspired quiz along with a “wildest moments” compilation piece to be released across the Netflix Future’s Youtube page.


Animals on the Loose received positive reviews from Bear Grylls and Netflix fans alike.

By leveraging Netflix and Bear’s global audiences and creating unique and family-friendly content, Animals on the Loose became the second most popular show on Netflix during its debut week. Our campaign garnered 1.2M Views, 164.7K Likes, 1.9K Comments, and 1.6K Shares across Bear and Netflix’s accounts. The Roblox partnership with Tofuu gained 219.5K Views, 7.4K Likes, 3.4K Comments, and 1.7K Shares across Netflix and Tofuu’s accounts.