Crafting a social media campaign that highlighted Jennifer Lopez’s raw and real journey from the block to the big screen, the big stage, and beyond.


Jennifer Lopez is ready to get out on the floor like she never has before! DMM partnered with Netflix to cultivate a personal and relatable social media campaign for JLo’s Halftime documentary. This raw look into the Latin icon’s past, present, and future had audiences everywhere sharing their praise, respect, and admiration. By utilizing the film’s most captivating moments and showcasing the relatable person behind the fame and success, we created a social campaign that started conversations, changed perspectives, and entertained.



Our content strategy prioritized awe-inspiring creatives that fueled fan excitement and centered Jennifer Lopez at the heart of our campaign. Through GIFs, empowering quote graphics, and a captivating Q&A video, we introduced our fans to the unfiltered side of the Latin superstar while tapping into her behind-the-scenes rehearsals and final performance at the Super Bowl halftime show. In addition to the main Netflix channels, our creatives found homes across various Netflix E&P channels including Netflix Film, Netflix Con Todo, and Netflix Family.

To leverage Jennifer’s impressive filmography, we created a first-of-its-kind TikTok filter for Netflix that invited our fans to find out which JLo movie they are and channel their inner hustler. The filter accrued 116K views, 700 posts, 108K plays, 5K likes, and 5K shares, marking a successful new marketing strategy for Halftime and future Netflix projects.

Influencer Campaign

DMM secured 5 Latinx TikTok creators to each produce a custom video to promote the film and were also invited to attend the film’s Tribeca premiere. In total, the creators posted 5 pieces of paid content resulting in 203K impressions, 20.5K engagements, and an impressive 9.8% engagement rate. An additional 38 pieces of added-value content generated 558K impressions and 57K+ engagements. Additional creator activations for the campaign included an IG Reels collab post in partnership with Tefi Pessoa and @contodonetflix, as well as the launch of the official Halftime TikTok filter with Kenneth Pabon.


Our captivating social media campaign helped garner over 1 million engagements and 17.9 million video views, leaving fans old and new asking for 50 more years of the Latin icon.