FX’s Fleishman Is In Trouble

Generating excitement with book fans and targeting new millennial audiences through a thoughtfully crafted creative strategy and influencer campaign for FX’s acclaimed new series, Fleishman Is In Trouble.


FX Networks partnered with DMM to introduce audiences to “Fleishman Is In Trouble,” a limited series adaptation of the New York Times Bestselling Novel.


The social marketing campaign for Fleishman Is In Trouble guided audiences through the story’s maze of twists and turns with compelling, bespoke content that provided a glimpse into the poignant perspectives and relatable experiences of every character in the series. Our strategy captured the attention of fans of the novel, while also piquing the interest of those unfamiliar with the original story. From various content series like dynamic character intros and book-to-screen talent reads, our content brought this thought-provoking story to life on social media. DMM produced an array of creatives that laddered up to the show’s topsy-turvy plot, flipping what viewers thought to be reality upside-down (literally in some cases!) 

With a critically acclaimed cast, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, Lizzy Caplan and Adam Brody, our creative and influencer strategies sought to highlight the A-list talent, while also leaving fans questioning everything they thought they knew. DMM enlisted 13 mico to mid-tier creators (20K – 415K) across TikTok and Instagram to target millennials and generate awareness of FX’s new hit series. In-season as new episodes dropped, influencers created a multitude of relatable content that sparked interest in the new show and tied into the weekly episodes — from storytime videos, to couples’ reaction content. Leading up to the show’s launch, DMM also partnered with NYC-based influencer, Danielle Carolan to host the premiere event for Fleishman Is In Trouble, where she interviewed the cast as they strutted down the red carpet. 

DMM’s creative campaign produced more than 45 pieces of content across a ~3 month campaign. Tapping into 13 creators with a combined social reach of 2.3M+ followers, our influencer campaign leveraged 24 pieces of contracted and added value content that resulted in 1.3M organic impressions* and 65K engagements, generating a 5% engagement rate. (*IG Reels views were used as impressions)