FOX Welcome To Flatch Influencer Campaign

Drive awareness and tune-in to Welcome To Flatch by bringing the hilarious show characters to life through unique co-produced creator content.


DMM supported the premiere of Welcome to Flatch by executing a unique influencer campaign tapping into key moments and themes, as well as the hilariously relatable characters from the show, to drive massive and broad awareness and tune-in. We identified top creators within select niche categories to co-produce custom content for both their pages and WTF’s in-world channels. DMM also leveraged its video production team, Los Angeles studio space, and paid media services to support the creation and amplification of the branded content.



To promote the premiere of Welcome To Flatch, DMM invited show talent Kelly, Shrub, Nadine and Big Mandy to our Los Angeles studio space on March 18, 2022 to receive various “Influencers In Training” lessons to coincide with their newfound fame.

We paired them up with real-time, top-tier content creators Tan France, Harry Jowsey, Miranda Sings, and Markell Washington, and tapped our video production team to produce content for the influencers’ pages, as well as FOX branded channels. Our team shot and edited an additional 13 videos, as well as managed a paid media campaign to boost reach to FOX’s target audience.


In total, the 4 Mega Creators, with a combined social reach of 42M followers, posted 27 pieces of content resulting in 17M+ total campaign impressions, 11.6M+ of which were TikTok video views and 5.5M+ of which were Instagram impressions, and 467.2K+engagements. The campaign took place across TikTok and Instagram with paid amplification.

Tan France (@tanfrance)

#ad Im giving @Kelly and Shrub tips on taking a good selfie, but… they need a lot of work. Follow them to help them out – and stream the first 7 episodes of their new show, #welcometoflatch right now on Hulu or every Thursday on FOX. #ad

Markell Washington (@markellwashington1)

Trying to help my new friends, @Kelly and Shrub , up their TikTok game, but they need a few more lessons. Give them a follow, and stream the first 7 episodes of their new show, #welcometoflatch , right now on Hulu or watch every Thursday on FOX.

Miranda Sings (@mirandasings)

#ad teaching assmr to @Kelly and Shrub but they DONT FREAKIN LISTEN – follow them and stream they’re show #welcometoflatch on hulu so they stop annoying me #asmr #fyp


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