Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them


Digital Media Management was incredibly honored to work with Warner Bros. to usher the world into a new era of magic with the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them social media campaign. From November 2015 to January 2016, we partnered with WB's domestic & international marketing teams to strategize and develop a cohesive and multi-faceted campaign that drove home the message to users of all ages that it was time to return to the Wizarding World on a brand new journey.



Throughout the campaign, DMM & WB partnered with various social platforms for exclusive social activations that were the first of their kind. With Twitter, we debuted Fantastic Beasts-themed stickers and crafted “spells” using emojis generated through hashtags, which when casted correctly, would unlock an exclusive scene for users to watch. For Facebook, we were the first film brand to use the Profile Video feature, as it was only available to celebrities and general profiles. The Profile Video also helped debut our Fantastic Beasts profile frame, that users all over the world could add to their profile picture and share their excitement for the upcoming film. We also helped launch the film’s presence on Google’s Knowledge Panel feature, which would show users exclusive content and information whenever “Fantastic Beasts” was googled.

Although J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World had an established fan base from the Harry Potter franchise, our campaign focused on introducing this new franchise to audiences of all ages, including the Potter fans who grew up with the franchise. Content geared towards the new audiences elevated a tone that the film contained magic that “grew up” and dealt with more adult-like situations. Previous fans of the Harry Potter franchise were also targeted with specific content along the lines of “Before Harry Potter, there was…”, which aimed to connect the two franchise series, while establishing their clear differences. Above all, our campaign strove to entice users to see the film and be part of the magic, even if just for a few hours.


Critics and audiences all over the world agreed: the magic was BACK! After the film’s initial release, we strategized with WB to craft a “chase campaign” that would take us through the holiday season and continue to encourage fans into repeat showings of the film. It was here that we developed social content that was purely UGC driven, with fans sharing their favorite moments from the film, characters they loved, etc.

Hailed as one of the top films of 2016, and the confirmation of 4 more movies in the series, Fantastic Beasts captivated fans worldwide through social media and on the silver screen. With DMM’s record of franchise experience and a highly organized coordination between all teams, the digital campaign for Fantastic Beasts consistently elevated a new world of magic that viewers of all ages could be part of.