DCU Harley Quinn – Season 1

Activating our passionate fanbases by running the social accounts as the show's ultimate super fans


DMM continues its partnership with DC Universe as its social media agency of record with the launch of the animated original series, HARLEY QUINN.



Our key objectives with the Harley Quinn social media campaign were to activate our passionate DCU and Harley Quinn fanbases, create unique out of the box content, and apply our best practices based on our learnings from other DCU originals. For this show, our social media strategy focused on showing off the colorful and hilarious nature of the show. We ran the accounts as super fans of the show, finding creative ways to highlight the funniest moments each week. We also saw success in creating engaging GIFS featuring snapshots from the show to encourage weekly fan engagement.


DMM launched new social profiles to promote the first season of Harley Quinn and amassed 100K followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Throughout the season, Instagram saw the fastest growth, gaining over 60k followers, while Twitter saw the most growth in terms of fan engagement and reach, with an average of 3.5M impressions a month.

DCU was thrilled with the results of the campaign and we will continue to incorporate many of our learnings and creative ideas into future DC Universe Originals, including Harley Quinn Season 2.