A social media refresh for the world’s most exciting home gym!


DMM joined forces with BODi to elevate their presence on Instagram. Our work includes crafting an engagement and awareness-driven social media strategy, platform management, a social creative refresh, and capturing talent-led video content that captivated the attention of fitness lovers online.


DMM implemented an Instagram social media strategy for @BODi that was centered around engagement-driven creatives and talent-led content. Community building was a main priority for the brand as they aimed to position themselves a leader in the fitness industry. Our team helped them hone in on a comedic and playful voice and tone that garnered a positive and loyal audience in their first full year. 

Our on-site talent services team played a pivotal role in the brand’s social success. They worked alongside BODi super trainers to capture and create engaging content that brought value and authenticity to the page. They leaned into the rise of Reels and made BODi’s trainers the stars as a way to showcase their unique personalities. The ability to capture content around social moments and trends in real-time also allowed the brand to stay relevant and further the popularity among the trainers that represent them. 

DMM’s talented design team also provided a creative social refresh for BODi by developing a cleaner look and feel for the platform. This gave the brand an identifiable presence on social media and their efforts were extended to other marketing channels across the company, providing a cross-channel cohesive brand identity. Through vibrant graphics and videos, we were able to bring an energetic appearance to their Instagram and capture the attention of new and existing followers turned customers.


In just one year, BODi received over 32.2M impressions, 813.1K engagements, and their Instagram audience increased by over 40%. Now that’s what we call #gains!