BOD interactive (BODi)

A social media refresh for the world’s most exciting home gym!


DMM partnered with the Beachbody owned fitness streaming platform, BODi, to elevate their social media presence. Our work has consisted of a social creative refresh, designing engagement-driven creatives, platform management, and capturing talent-lead Reels content that has captivated the fitness community.


DMM implemented an Instgram social strategy for @BODinteractive that was centered around engagement-driven creatives and talent-led content. Community building also was and continues to be a huge focus for the brand as they continue to navigate their first year as a fitness platform. Our team helped them hone in on a comedic and playful voice and tone that garnered a positive and loyal audience. 

Our on-site talent services team has played a pivotal role in the brand’s social success thus far as well. They worked alongside BODi super trainers on a weekly basis to capture and create engaging content that has truly set BODi apart from their competitors. We leaned heavily into the rise of Reels and made super trainers the stars as a way to showcase their unique personalities. Not only did our approach prove to be effective, we also saw an increase in trainers’ popularity as well. 

DMM’s talented creative team provided a creative social refresh for BODi by realigning and defining the look and feel of the brand’s presence on social. The creative refresh our team created has now extended to the brand’s other marketing channels, providing a cross-channel elevated and cohesive look for BODi. Through vibrant and colorful graphics and videos, we were able to bring cohesion to our social pages and capture the attention of new and existing followers turned customers.

BODi Creatives
BODi Creatives


Not only have we helped the brand define their look, voice, and tone we’ve also have elevated and increased the brand’s presence across Instagram. Since the beginning of our partnership with BODi, they’ve received over 13.1M impressions, 489.1K engagements, and their Instagram audience has increased by 40.4%. Now that’s what we call #gains!