Digital Media Management was proud to partner with Paramount Pictures to manage a full, 360-degree social media campaign for the 2017 comedy event of the summer, Baywatch.



Our movie marketing team was tasked with inserting the movie into the daily zeitgeist by capitalizing on key dates and trends, all while keeping content fresh, fun, and engaging across all social platforms. Utilizing talent participation was an important component to the campaign, as their built-in socialaudiences exceeded that of the film’s social accounts (Dwayne Johnson has 58 million followers on Facebook alone). While we designed content for the film’s socials accounts and digital platforms, a significant percentage of our creative was developed for talent’s social channels, tagging the film accounts. This contributed to our account growth and the substantial social buzz surrounding the film before release.

In addition to social activations, we strategized, developed, and helped execute a Slow-Mo marathon digital campaign that included a physical activation in downtown Los Angeles where hundreds of contestants competed in the slowest marathon ever (a .3K). Our job at the event was to support the live feed (broadcast on the Baywatch socials) and capture talent, social media influencers and event content live (red carpet interviews, fans participating, etc.). Additionally, we used Snapchat Spectacles to create a live “A Runner’s Journey” narrative which was pushed live in increments throughout the event. The result was the Slow-Mo Marathon being not just a local event, but a global one.

For fans who were unable to attend the Slow-Mo Marathon, on social media we created a UGC initiative called the #SlowMoChallange where users could submit their best slow-mo running videos for a chance to win a trip to the premiere in Miami. With Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron kicking off the #SlowMoChallenge on their socials, we received thousands of fan submissions on Twitter and Instagram the weeks leading up to the release.


The Baywatch social campaign made a massive splash on socials, generating the most social buzz during its week of release and outperforming competitors like Wonder Woman and Pirates of the Caribbean.