Digital Media Management teamed up with Paramount Pictures to create an impactful 360 digital marketing campaign to support the theatrical release of the film Allied.



Digital Media Management built a custom site,, that would serve as a destination for fans of the film to submit stories, photos, and artifacts from their ancestors who experienced World War II first hand. The site was creatively designed to clearly display user content while also generating awareness for the film.

On social media, fans were encouraged to share their Allied stories, photos, and artifacts, using it as a opportunity to talk about how the war had changed the direction of their lives. The social posts were automatically aggregated onto with the use of #AlliedStories.

To generate additional awareness of the initiative, Digital Media Management engaged twenty-plus influencers with personal WWII stories. Their posts honored family members and relatives that served during the war while generating awareness for the film, Allied.

On Veteran’s Day and in the weeks preceding Allied’s release, the participating influencers took to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share their stories. While many stories touched on hardship, sacrifice and the countless lives lost, all were inspiring. Stories ranged from those about prisoners of war and being on the front line, to tales of watching from afar and fleeing for survival, with others telling stories of finding love and sanctuary in all the chaos. Influencers payed an incredible tribute and played a key role, encouraging fans to follow suit, by sharing their own stories and keepsakes using the branded hashtag.

Influencers also helped generate awareness of the initiative by driving their own fans to, which showcased all the #AlliedStories content.


The 21 influencers reached over 2 million people across their posts. The heartfelt and genuine content was well-received, garnering more than 34K engagements. In addition, it drove participation from fans of the film and moviegoers alike.  Participants told us they were honored to participate, finding the initiative highly meaningful.


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