Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Influencer Campaign

Making “magic” in partnership with Zach King to drive awareness around Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days event.


Digital Media Management (DMM) was thrilled to be a part of Amazon’s campaign for Prime Big Deal Days. Our team contracted mega influencer Zach King to create high quality VFX content to be used across Zach’s and Amazon’s social channels.



Our goal was to entertain both Zach and Amazon’s audiences with mind-boggling VFX skills, while also exciting new and existing Amazon customers around Prime Big Deal Days. We worked with Zach King, who has over 100M followers to increase awareness and interest in the sales event.


Zach’s content received an overwhelming amount of positive comments. Fans shared their love for his video editing skills, as well as an affinity for the Amazon brand. The videos were utilized across a variety of Amazon platforms, including social and web. For additional awareness Zach set up an Amazon Storefront, and his videos were promoted within the “Inspire” tab on the Amazon app. Amazon’s paid team executed a boosting campaign across Instagram and TikTok, including a “Top View” ad placement on the TikTok app. In total, 4 unique pieces of content were posted across 4 different social channels, culminating in 14 placements that generated 153M impressions and 1.35M engagements.

Zach King (@zachking)

Ride the path to big deals on Prime Big Deal Days this October 10-11. 🚴 #PrimeBigDealDays @amazonprime #ad

Zach King (@zachking)

Movie night went from mid to ✨magical✨ #PrimeBigDealDays @amazonprime #ad

Zach King (@zachking)

Maybe it’s time to invest in work pants? 👀 #PrimeBigDealDays @amazonprime #ad