Amazon Kids’ Bookaboo

Catering to a younger audience with a social campaign filled with playful and intelligent social content


He's a real rock dog and he plays the drums... he's international rock dog, Bookaboo! DMM was thrilled to partner once more with Amazon Prime Video on their Amazon Kids campaign for the children's show Bookaboo! We strategized the best way to reach an American audience while touting the show's amazing celebrity cast and encouraging parents to read with their children.



Catering to a younger audience and their parents, the Bookaboo campaign was filled with playful but intelligent content that encouraged kids to not only read, but parents to read with them! Our social campaign strategy revolved around this important message, and we established initiatives that were engaging, interactive and rewarding, including helpful infographics that touted the importance of reading together and sweepstakes for families to enter for the chance to win the books featured in the show!