A Most Violent Year

Building on and elevating the film's established creative aesthetic and social voice


A24 tasked Digital Media Management with taking over management duties and content creation for the Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain film A Most Violent Year. The transition was seamless, and we managed the campaign through the film's release.



The inception of this project was a bit atypical, as we were hired mid-campaign, and had to adapt to a pre-approved look. We created a variety of content, all of which were designed to perfectly match an existing creative bucket. Additionally, the film’s socials had a very distinct tone in terms of post copy, which we not only mimicked but advanced stylistically as the campaign progressed.


From when we came aboard until our term on the campaign ended, we increased social engagement on the film’s social channels, and opened a direct line of dialogue between the film’s socials and its fans. We also used award buzz around Jessica Chastain’s performance to keep consistent levels of excitement.