Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Season 1


DMM, an entertainment focused digital and social media agency, partnered with Amazon Prime Video to develop a comprehensive streaming social media marketing campaign for its high-priority global TV adaptation of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.



DMM was tasked with building and executing a community management strategy that evangelized Tom Clancy’s existing loyal fanbase, while also enlisting new consumers for Jack Ryan’s mission. Our social team rewarded our most vocal audiences with custom social media creative — CIA badges using their own profile photos. Our custom community management recruited additional fans by sending them “classified” text message exchanges between lead characters Jack Ryan and James Greer.


DMM cultivated an organic audience of more than 200k new consumers across Jack Ryan socials, while becoming one of the first TV series to utilize Reddit’s new brand profile pages. The social media campaign crescendoed during the series’s Labor Day Weekend 2018 launch, where our team issued 600+ personalized responses encouraging fans to binge. At the end of the year, Prime Video revealed that Jack Ryan was its #1 most binged-watched Original Series worldwide.