The Last Tycoon – Season 1

Stepping into the world of Old Hollywood to tell the tale of F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished masterpiece


Lights, camera, action! DMM stepped into the world of Old Hollywood and partnered once more with Amazon Prime Video to help tell the tale of F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished masterpiece, The Last Tycoon. Our team was involved from the beginning, charged with finding a voice for the campaign, ideating innovative social messaging strategies, and executing the studio's creative vision for the official social channels.



Our content for The Last Tycoon focused on the superb acting, design, and fashion to illustrate the series’ compelling themes of love, power and The Hollywood Dream. One of our more compelling initiatives that were brought to life by Amazon’s creative team included a vintage postcard motion series that featured iconic Last Tycoon locations and settings such as Brady-American Pictures, Malibu, and the red carpet. Fans loved the vintage aesthetic of the postcard creatives and particularly responded well to the pieces that featured fan-favorites, Monroe Stahr and Margo Taft.

To add an authentic feel to creative and further immerse fans into the era, we also created mock Variety headlines that highlighted scenes and stories from the show. Fans enjoyed the connection of seeing something in the physical world of the 1930s to the digital world we live in today.

During this campaign we also visited the set of the show, capturing interesting, behind-the-scenes images and Boomerang videos exclusive to our socials.


We dazzled viewers with our overall social creative and community management, leaving them with a sense of wonder, and making them want to take a deeper dive into the era to experience the elegance and charm Old Hollywood had to offer.