Solar Opposites Season Two Influencer Campaign

Catching the eyes of millions to watch Solar Opposites Season Two with the help of comedic cosplay influencers.


Hulu joined forces with DMM to construct and execute a supportive influencer campaign driving awareness and increasing target audience viewership for Solar Opposites Season Two.



DMM partnered with 11 micro to top-tier influencers to produce comedic cosplay content promoting the upcoming Solar Opposites Season Two premiere. To reach Hulu’s target audience, viral influencer Dude With Sign was engaged to make signs encouraging tune-in to the series. To maintain viewership after the premiere, wine-loving influencers were recruited to engage in funny content involving custom Solar Opposite mailers. The influencers posted a collective 28+ deliverables to promote the show, including; Instagram static posts, IG stories, reels, and tweets.


In total, 11 influencers posted 28+ deliverables overall, resulting in 1.4M organic impressions, 118.5K engagements, 8.05% engagement rate, and 5.4M video views. 

Dude With Sign (@dudewithsign)

Swipeup for proof of aliens. @solaroppositesonhulu


Wes Johnson (@wes_IRL)

“Another tiny person for my wall! It’s actually pretty entertaining to observe the humans in their new environment. Wait… did she just stab that guy with a toothpick?!”

I decided to put together a little #cosplay to celebrate season 2 of @solaroppositesonhulu! #ad I loved season 1 and #yumyulack so I wanted to make a badass photo to celebrate the release of season 2. Let me know what you think of the photo and who your favorite character is! Anybody else excited to see what happens to the people of the wall?? #solaropposites

Nichol Perez (@nilimo)

@solaroppositesonhulu Season 2 now streaming. Thank you @hulu for my customized Peen wine #gifted#solaropposites