Prime Video Outer Range Influencer Campaign

Stoke online conversations around Prime Video's original series Outer Range, emphasizing the premium filmmaking, acting, and overall prestige, throughout the series’ weekly drops


Prime Video partnered with DMM to produce and execute an influencer campaign driving tune-in and buzz around the original series Outer Range.



DMM leveraged 13 influencers in the supernatural/sci-fi, entertainment, and psychology space, to connect with the target audience of secret unravelers and intellectual engagers. 10 of the influencers acted as weekly ambassadors, exploring the complex mysteries woven throughout the series, and bringing their unique takes, theories, and analysis to their TikTok pages. The remaining 3 creators, whose content focuses on mental health, explored the psychology-related themes in the show, playing up the intellectual and profound nature of the show’s symbols and the dynamic character development. After rate negotiation, DMM utilized a small surplus budget towards paid boosting on TikTok, elevating impressions of priority content


In total, 13 influencers, with a combined social reach of 10.5M followers, posted 65 pieces of content resulting in 1.8M organic impressions, 141K engagements, and a 7.8% organic engagement rate. The paid boosting of priority content on TikTok delivered an additional 4.5M impressions and 118K engagements, for a total of 6.4M impressions, 260k total engagements, and an overall 4.1% campaign engagement rate. 

The Shani Project (@theshaniproject)

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Kodak Cameron (@kodak_cameron)

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King Cassius (@kingcassiuss)

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