Peet’s Coffee TikTok Relaunch

Creating an eye-catching TikTok strategy for Peet’s Coffee


Peet’s Coffee partnered with DMM to relaunch their TikTok by utilizing an embed to capture relatable, product-forward video content. With the help of strategy and platform, our team came together to craft original ideas that centered around trending audio and formats.



DMM implemented a TikTok strategy for @PeetsCoffee that showcased relatable, awareness-driven captures. Our team explored various video and audio formats for this ever-evolving platform and used real-time trends to tap into the #coffeetok community. Our primary goal was to introduce Peet’s to a younger demographic and help position them as a relevant leader in the industry. 

The most beneficial aspect of our embed team was their ability to quickly capture and produce content both in-store and at-home. Through collaboration with strategy and platform, we had a strong pulse on platform trends and crafted our ideas around the relevant formats we were seeing as well as brand priorities. In turn, we used our captures to highlight Peet’s retail and DTC offerings in a fun, light-hearted and organic way that resonated. 


Since the beginning of our embed partnership with Peet’s in May 2022, we’ve captured a total of 55 pieces of content for TikTok, resulting in over 1.2M impressions, 1M reach, 32.6K engagements, and we’ve seen a 452.8% increase in followers on the platform.