Obvious Child

Creating a campaign with a fresh take on humorous yet heartfelt creatives


Obvious Child is taking back the rom-com, and Digital Media Management was proud to partner with A24 Films to build an out of the box social media campaign for the independent film that has everybody talking!



Riddled with raunchy humor and the charm of funny gal Jenny Slate, Obvious Child is both hilarious and heartbreaking, and our movie marketing team kept these key elements in mind when creating an innovative and engaging social media marketing campaign for the film.


Digital Media Management’s theatrical social media marketing team approached the campaign on Obvious Child with a fresh take on content and creatives, from parody propaganda posters to risqué character graphics. Additionally, we designed and built a custom Tumblr site for the movie, which doubled as the film’s official website with EPK elements that captured the spirit of the film. Our marketing campaign treated users to a plethora of humorous yet heartfelt content designed and optimized for sharing on both Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Join the cool kids and follow Obvious Child at www.ObviousChildMovie.com