Jack in the Box

Eye-catching creatives embraced the weird with a cornucopia of visuals that gave Jack in the Box its own special sauce.


Digital Media Management (DMM) designed a variety of creatives for fast-food restaurant chain Jack in the Box that captured the brand’s wry, fun-loving tone, and pushed the limits of visual boundaries on Tumblr.



Jack in the Box was looking to use its Tumblr presence to connect with the younger demographic of its consumer base, a group raised on Tim & Eric and Mountain Dew. The tactic used to accomplish this was to capture the very specific aesthetic this audience devours: 90s colors and lines, stop motion animation, and cultural subversions. Jack in the Box broke brand norms and embraced this aesthetic, giving it the visual freedom to stand apart from its competitors. The campaign captured Jack in the Box’s essence and transitioned its uniform corporate feel  into a new look representing the brand’s core value: the freedom to eat what you want, when you want.