Clocking back in at the Quick Stop with fans and the beloved crew of Clerks III, 16 years after its last installment of the franchise.


DMM partnered with Lionsgate on the social media campaign for the release of Kevin Smith’s latest installment in the View Askewniverse, Clerks III. Focusing on nostalgia and a sarcastic tone of voice, our team created a personable social voice to engage with longtime fans of Jay and Silent Bob along with the die-hard fans of Clerks to drive audiences to see their favorite characters reunite on the big screen through our platform management and cheeky creatives.



To support the film’s original limited release in theaters, our goal was to focus heavily on copywriting and community management that felt unique to the Clerks universe to engage with the fans in a way that felt in-world and familiar to them. By jumping on Twitter trends, we also inserted ourselves in popular conversations to reach broader audiences.

Clerks creator Kevin Smith is known for his specific brand of Gen X-style humor, and we channeled that when writing scripts for talent content capture days, as well as copy for talent to utilize on socials. When brainstorming unique and exciting ways to connect this release to Lionsgate’s catalog titles, we worked alongside our Lionsgate brand team to develop creatives that introduced the View Askewniverse in a refreshing way.


Fans loved revisiting old friends at the Quick Stop and reminiscing about all of their favorite moments in Clerks III, touting a 94% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes. This momentum led Lionsgate and Fathom Events to extend the Clerks III release window by adding additional dates and cities. As a continuation of its success, we grew the Clerks’ social audiences over 20,000% across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and maintained an average engagement rate above industry benchmarks throughout the run of the campaign.